Myself and 8,686 other Frank Zappa fans including Diva Zappa who is the fourth child of Frank & Gail Zappa & who's portrait is below are currently involved in #SaveTheVault of Frank Zappa.


 I drew Diva's Portrait below specifically for this #SaveTheVault KickStarter Project.

                 UPDATE May 12, 2017

 today I recieved from The Zappa Movie Team the "Zappa Goodies"  from the Save The Vault project (Not including the black Zappa sweatshirt and the Zappa on White t-shirt, those are on my website for sale) but including Artwork, CD's HD BLU-RAY,T-Shirts, buttons, stickers, a 200 Room Motel key chain and more, see pic below.

 video footage of short clips of Frank just prior to his premature passing which have been saved are below.

Titled Yellow Shark A & B which you can see here exclusively, just click and you'll be on your way to seeing history!

*Yellow Shark A

*Yellow Shark B

*Frank Zappa "I think we got it"

 I'm happy beyond words to know that I have  been a small part in the saving of the Frank Zappa Vault & inadvertantly become a tiny part of documented Music History in taking part in the Frank Zappa #SaveTheVault KickStarter project.

Click & see the latest Save The Vault update by Alex Winter & Vaultmeister Joe.

 With a final grand total of $1,214,036, the vault is now well on its way to being saved.

"Murder By Numbers" is a Song about Gematria 

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