I have just entered a portrait of Ric Richardson titled "Ric's O.K. by me" for the Hurford Hardwood 2018 portrait $10,000 acquisition prize at the Lismore Regional Gallery and should hear back by the end of this month, June 2018, I'll keep you all informed on my progression. UPDATE : On the 22nd of June I heard via an e-mail that my entry was judged and "accepted" into the final which is open to the public July Sat. the 28th. I am one of sixty nine finalists out of two hundred and eleven entries from all across Australia. 

UPDATE : (28-7-18) Although I didn't win the prize, I was very happy with the result and the placing with such a strong group of Artist's from across Australia as well as Ric's approval which was just as important for me. The picture below is of Ric, myself and my entry titled "Ric's OK by me" on the 27th. of July at the Lismore Regional Gallery,N.S.W. in the Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize 2018.

Photography by the former Mayoress of Lismore, Jenny Dowell.

Photographer Spencer Tunick Installation which included myself, British Street Artist BANKSY and thirty eight others in Byron Bay, Australia 2001. I am located on the left of the bend in the center tree where my foot is & BANKSY @ the top right of the photo.

Spencer could never of known BANKSY was there photobombing as he didn't just go up to him and say "HI, I'm BANKSY" he actually used his real name and real address to get a signed copy of the picture from Spencer as well all did.

                                  Why buy Art or support Artist's?

  Well, I am an internationally known Australian Artist with over twenty+ years of training and development with exhibitions both solo and group in the last thirteen years.

 My start in exhibiting began with the inaugural Byron Bay FEHVA (Forty Eight Hours Of Visual Art) 2006 & was the only Pastellist chosen to exhibit.

 My last public exhibition was at the Lismore Regional Gallery in N.S.W. Australia, July 28th - Sept. 23rd.2018 at the Hurford Hardwood $10,000 acquisitive Portrait Prize. Only the Archibald Portrait prize in Australia is more prestigious for Portrait Artist's to be chosen to be in the finals.

 I was one of the sixty nine Artist's chosen by an expert judging panel from Portrait Artist's Australia wide with my Pastel portrait of Ric Richardson.

 Apparel is 100% cotton, laser printed in the U.S.A. and is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

 Did you know I first met U.K. Street Artist BANKSY in the Australian Summer of '00-'01 in Byron Bay and am the ONLY Artist to this day to know and to have collaborated with him?See Rat

 Apparel Art will certainly last well over twenty years if taken care of properly! Aluminum mounted Art will last indefinitely. 

 Many thanks for those who've purchased any of my Artwork's or apparel, it means a great deal to me as I can continue creating new Art.



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